Monday, September 13, 2004

I don't know which is worse

The Cowboys lost yesterday. I wasn't that surprised as they do not match up well against the Vikings. Played well on offense at times, but had the momentum killer with the botched hold and then the fumble later on that would have kept them in the game. So of course, being a proud Dallas Cowboys fan in Packer land, I hear a lot of crap from others just looking for a dig.

But I don't know which one is worse so far today. I have heard two general set of comments so far today.

The first is "I feel your pain. I don't like the Cowboys but I was rooting for them to win". My response is basically "You know, don't give me that crap. Don't try and give me some fan-for-a-day spiel. I am not looking for your sympathy". Which is true. I rather not hear some drivel from some person that is giving me a "it would have helped the Packers out" commentary. Save it. It has no heart and is meaningless.

The second is more of the A-Hole award winning type. These usually start with "How 'bout them Cowboys! Haw Haw Haw!" I tend to lean to this one being the worse. Usually, these clowns do not watch the game and tend to see the score or maybe they watch just a small part of it. In other words, they have no real clue about what happened, but take a lot from the final score. Even worse, these are usually unproved. Usually. Yeah, I will do some talking, but if I do, those I have smarted off to have full rights to give it back on a Monday. But the person who doesn't say a peep until after a game, have no rights at all. The best move is to embarrass the clown. If other football fans are around, they will understand what has happened and will not come in to defend the offender. And that is how it should be.

We all know how long the week can be after a loss. We need a W for vindication. So is it next Sunday yet.

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