Monday, September 13, 2004

I woke up in the woods

While drinking, I woke up in the woods. Darth Vader was sleeping in the tent. After taking a minute to figure out where the heck I was, I got up, unzipped the tent, went outside and took a pee on a tree. At least I think it was a tree. It may have been Randy and Jodi's tent. It was very dark. I think it was also a bad time to think of the Blair Witch Project. When you are barely awake and very relaxed (hey, I was taking a whiz. Is that not relaxing?), any little light in the dark could make the mind wander. When I woke up in the morning, I kept hearing something that sounded like a rabid duck. Turns out is was most likely a chipmunk. Killer chipmunk attack man in tent. That is the other thing I found somewhat amusing. I woke up pitching a tent in a pitched tent. Funny.

Otherwise it was a good weekend. Got bug bites on my ankles. Must have had a good stink going. By the time I got home on Sunday, I even worked out before taking a shower. Shaving on Monday morning was good. I can't grow a beard well. I just look scruffy. It felt good to get that crap off of my face.

And now life goes on as normal. I must say I am glad I succumbed to the beer pressure. It was fun weekend. I didn't get a monstrous headache on Saturday night, even though I had started drinking a couple of Mike's Hard Lemonades are roughly 9:30 in the morning. I think having the smaller group of people made things seem cozier as well. Best of all, it was a very nice weekend weather wise. I had feared freezing my nuts off. Instead it felt like we were in 80s all weekend. And with the tree cover, it was even better. No sun beating down on us. Well, except for Janet. She kept trying to move around but it seemed like the sun found her each time. But somehow, I keep feeling like I owe someone for beer...

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