Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just take the whole cookie!

It is nice to have the company provide your lunch for you everyday. However, it is not the paradise everyone thinks it is. Case in point: Women and cookies. Why can't a woman just take the whole cookie? I just went into the cafeteria to get some water. The basket of cookies is out there and just torn apart. In a half full basket (a hefty size basket mind you), there are maybe, a two dozen whole cookies. The rest are bits and pieces from all these women that come and break off a piece or half or quarter. Again, just take the whole cookie! You know you are going to go back and do the same barbaric thing to another cookie later in the day. Just eat the whole thing and be done with it.

Lately, I have noticed my eyes have been on thong patrol. Whether it be just in passing, or in the cafe, or just getting behind a nice ass walking up the stairs, I have being trying to figure out if the women are wearing normal underwear or thongs. I think the thong count is rising.

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