Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ooooh that smell

Ever walk by some one or ones at work and think.."what is that smell?". Yeah, sometimes something nasty wafts on by, but today it wasn't a bad thing. I was walking by some pods by a window. As I did, I smelled the a sweet, nectary aroma. I looked around to see if there were any flowers. Nope. As I sniffed, of course people are looking at me like I am deranged. I was just looking for the source of the smell. Finally, someone asked what was wrong. I told him it smelled like stale beer over there. Don't know where it came from, but it was definitely stale beer. Sweet nectar of the gods.

The other day I noticed a certain car on the freeway. I seen it going over the Hoan and exiting downtown. It caught my attention because it had all these bumper stickers on the car. There was one about ending racism, liberate our troops, one on Bush lying (again, some show me where he lied), and I think marijuana legalization. I find these people extremely amusing because half the time, it just proves them to be lunatics. Best part is that they are almost exclusively liberals. Next time I see the car, I have to speed up to see if this person is as crazy as they appear (yes, James I know what your comment already is).

Even notice when someone brings in a box of donuts that it is like a kid dropping their popsicle on the ground. There is some noise and whole bunch of ants descend onto the sweets. This ant has got to go. They better leave a chocolate bomb for me!

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