Friday, September 24, 2004

Milking a cow at the stadium

While drinking, I found myself at Miller Park. My ticket allowed me to go into a sutie. Free beer and food. Yes. Let's see.. MGD..Lite...Leinies Honey Weiss...Miller...and Spotted Cow! Oh yeah, this could be good. Too good. I drank all of the Cow. Six beers down. Add in 2 Leinies and 2 Lites and I was a happy ass camper leaving there.
Unfortunately, I left. I had to play volleyball and none of the people in the suite were going for an after game drink. What is up with that? Screw the kids. Tell them to change their own diapers. Tell the wife to put dinner in the oven. Tell something else to someone else.
So I go home and being the genius I am, I go online and play poker. I usually do well playing poker while drinking, but yesterday was just plain stupid. I would make plays that would leave me scratching my own head. Still dont' know why I played the bad beat table as I cannot win there lately. Stunk at the NL table too but managed to get my losses minimized in the end. But it was rather stupid.
To say I was toasted was an understatement. I went and played volleyball. Explained my state of mind to Ms. Gambino. Told her I was comfortably numb. She called me Mr. Floyd. I told her to call me Pink. Now that might have been one of the stupidest things I have said in a long time. After volleyball, I had a couple more beers. Even had some Moose Drool. I think I told H the bartender I would take her to Vegas (she said some dudes overheard us and wanted to go with- yeah right!). Spent some time with some peeps from work and went home.
I also made one of those drunk phone calls to a chick last night. Apparently I didn't say anything too stupid as the voice mail I received was rather pleasant and she wasn't angry. I get to work and think it would be soooo cool to have a breathalyzer machine at my desk (See, the title of this blog is meaningfull- while drinking, I wish I had a breathalyzer at my desk). I wonder what my blood alcohol is right now.
I open my email and read the Las Vegas Advisor. There is a disaster analysis company investigating the Monorail (everyone break into song with the Simpsons- MONORAIL...MONORAIL.....). A disater company investigating?? That is one fucked up monorail!
I want to go to Vegas. Maybe I should jump on a plane today. Heck, it would only cost like 2 grand.
Instead, maybe I should go to bed. Damn work ethic and paycheck making me get up today.

One final note before I end this diatribe that only 4 people might read. I have been listening to the new radio station, the Brew, and have been somewhat disappointed. They say they play the rock of the 80s. Every time I listen I hear Boston and Journey. I also heard Cars (Gary Numan) twice within a 24 hour period. WTF? I haven't heard that song once in at least 10 years just to hear twice within a day. I finally heard some 80s hard rock (Poison) and then some Firehouse. Man, that band truly sucked. I guess you take the bad with the good.

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