Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Monday Night Football...how I hate thee

Dallas Cowboys 21 Washington Deadskins 18

All is right in the world.

But I hate MNF. My disdain for the game is getting stronger with every broadcast. And it doesn't help that Al Michaels is such a dolt. But I will get to that later.

First, I do not want to have to wait 38 hours to see my team play. I am used to seeing them on TV at 3:15 on Sundays. Yes, you read that right. The Wisconsin guy is used to seeing the Dallas Cowboys play on tv in Milwaukee on Sundays. The networks know what is good for them and thus put them on as the national game. And I expect it. So don't make me wait to see America's Team. MNF is not the grand stage that it used to be. The novelty is gone. Only fans whose team doesn't ever play on Monday will like it.

Next is the introduction of the game and the players. I don't need some movie star out there plugging his movie or some dipwad singer trying to make his/her self look like a big football fan. Until you are sitting next to me at PJ's Blue Chipper and buying the next round, I don't buy it. These "stars" are probably not even watching the game every Sunday. I think the player introductions are sometimes even worse. Don't let the players introduce themselves. Why does there have to be some dolt who thinks they are going to be either "tough" or funny? I hate it even more when it is a player from my team. Yes, Dallas Cowboys' defensive end Marcellus Wiley had to be the moron. He introduced himself at "Dat Dude". Ooooooooh, watch out for him. Then again, maybe this was a smart move because he made a extremely stupid penalty that could have cost the Cowboys the game. Heck, it made the game too close. Coach Parcells hopefully reamed him good after the game.

Then there is the announcers. Madden is not quite what he was. Michaels is just plainly put, a suckup a-hole. Just make the right call. Deadskins punt. Ward takes in the punt but drops it. He pounces on the ball on the ground and covers it up. A second later, a Deadskin hits him and jars the ball loose. Michaels is calling for is to be Wash ball. How, the player had it covered, on the ground. He is not trying to get up to run either. Blow the whiste and let the offense come it. Not a tough call. Unless you are Michaels. He questioned it. Then the pass interference call that led to the first Cowboys touchdown. This looked to be a bad call and I think it was. The only possible explanation was that the Deadskins defender leaned on Glenn and led him away from the ball. However, Michaels doesn't need to get his panties in a bunch again and again, throughout the game. Get over it. The refs blew a call that hurt the Cowboys, giving Portis a reception that wasn't, and even allowing him to advance the ball another 5 yards even though he was down by contact. Michaels didn't rant on about that bad call. Oh wait, he criticized Parcells for not challenging. Parcells didn't have time because the Deadskins were busy cheating, running up to the line to snap the ball because they knew he didn't catch it. Michaels also know how to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and manages to jinx a team. Midway through the 4th, with the Cowboys up 21-10, he says they will go to 2-1. Great, now I know it will get close.

That is my final problem with MNF and the Cowboys playing that game. They make it too exciting. Give me a nice blowout so I don't lay in bed for an hour waiting for the adrenaline to make its way through my body. Game got too close last night, though it should not have been. Last year in New York, it got too close. The Cowboys just can't seem to put away a team on Mondays. C'mon guys, give me a break. Also, give my cat a break. Poor guy would try to relax as the game goes on. Then a big play. A big noise from me and that cat freaks out as he is startled. Kinda funny, but he doesn't need to be startled like that.

Great defensive stand by the Cowboys to end the first half last night. Goal line defense is awesome to watch when done right.

The better team won last night.

And all is right in the football world.

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