Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Helen Keller Football Syndrome

That strange affliction is hitting the office again. Hellen Keller Football Syndrome. Maybe some of you have seen it. Packers lose, Cowboys win. Suddenly no one is talking about the loss, nor has anyone heard about the win. But when we Kerry, er I mean flip flop, the events, people can't talk enough about it.

I say that this is funny. Two weeks ago, I heard people talking about buying tickets to Jacksonville for January. How they were going to storm through the North like the Army going to Baghdad. But yesterday it was quiet. Deathly quiet. I make no comments about Packer losses. Nothing in it for me. Unless I am attacked first. I have yet to respond to the person who sent me an email two weeks ago that simply said "do you want to say anything to me now?". No, I don't believe in kicking a fan when they are down. Unless there is a big maroon R on their hat.

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