Saturday, September 18, 2004

One upsmanship

There is a condo downtown right by the freeway that exemplifies why our country is so great. On one balcony is a sign proclaiming "Defeat Bush Again" while on the balcony right above it are two big Bush Cheney 04 signs. I wonder who had the signs up first. Second, I don't get the lower sign. Again? When was he beat the first time? Same with "Selected, not elected". Huh? How was he selected? He won the vote, plain and simple.

Played some poker last night online and with some friends. Moved over to Party Poker because everyone says it is easy money. I doubled up my account within a week. Not bad for a small player like me. Then went to a friends house and played a 5 person game. It is always interesting because the skill level vary dramatically. From beginner to veteran. Did well the first game but went out early trying to play the Hammer. Oh well, I made some money.

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