Friday, October 08, 2004

Bored at work so what to do

I started playing a new game at work. Seeing how I am in career limbo not knowing whether I will be offered a position with the new firm, I thought I could practise some poker skills with my fellow co-workers. Many a time I am asked what I will be doing or what my status is. Now, I start to bluff them. There is a big move going on next week as they shift people to new work areas. When asked if I was moving, I told them I was getting sent to a different building (where those that will be unemployed are being shifted). I have told others my last day is next week. And others I have told that I will not be around to help them.

Sometimes it can be fun messing with their minds. There are some genuine looks of shock with some of the comments I make. Other times I think I see glee in their eyes thinking they are going be finally not have to deal with me.

As for me, I go back and forth about confronting my manager about getting some kind of answer. As I type this, I see him talking with someone else across the room. Maybe I should go see what is up.

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