Monday, October 11, 2004

An interesting weekend

I spent Saturday playing poker. That story is on the other page. Man, is Bar Milwaukee a dump! One thing I must comment on here that still makes me laugh is the guy with the Don King hairdo. All the hair in front of his head was going straight up ala Don King. The back looked like a scruffy, growing out mohawk. Too funny! Saw him a couple other times and couldn't help but laugh. Who looks at Don King and thinks "Man, that hair would get the chicks for me!".

Went to Jerrys for ribs yesterday (thanks P&K). After taking down the volleyball court, we trekked up to Germantown. I am proud to say that I went Hog Wild and ate the 32oz portion. I will proudly hang up the certificate somewhere, but first it will go to PJs where some big boys always claim it can't be done. Well, I tell you it can. I was in the zone yesterday, lips smacking, gnawing on the bones, clinking them into the bucket. Hey, if I hadn't wiped sauce off of my fingers, I might have mistaken one of them for a meaty rib. I wasn't even stuffed when I was done. I was comfortable. I probably could have eaten at least half a rack more. The women had to guard their leftovers to make sure I didn't snitch one of theirs.

Today they are allowing people to wear Packer stuff at work. I don't mind that- much. The problem is that the email that was sent said you couldn't wear any Titans-wear. Nor Bears, or Vikings. They were forbidden. Other teams were "strongly discouraged". That is where I have a problem. What if you are a big Titans fan? You cannot discriminate against them like that. Hey, if they try this the Friday before the Cowboys game, I will wear a Cowboys shirt, maybe even a jersey. I bet they wouldn't want to see that in the news. Discrimination can be an ugly PR move.
The other part of the equation is the nubmer of people who decided to go totally casual without the Packer stuff. That is the person that should be sent home. If you don't get the point of it, then you don't get to go cas.

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