Friday, October 22, 2004

I would be egging some of these houses

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today. It talks about how people are going to use Halloween and trick or treating to talk politics. In Portland, one poor girl will have a Kerry sticker on her backpack. One guy intends to wear his Buch jersey and hand out Bush softballs. Some lady plans to give out Kerry bumper stickers with her Sweetarts. I can tell you right away where that stick would end up!

People are missing the point. Trick or treating is for the kids. They don't care about politics. Those who claim they do (yeah, the 5 year old know what they are talking about) are just trying to be like mommy or daddy. You think they want to see adults arguing and fighting about politics? C'mon, just give them their damn Snickers and let em go to the next house!

In my day, we wouldn't take this bullshit. That Kerry stick is ending up on her porch or tossed out on the lawn. It doesn't last 5 seconds in my bag. You would see it going in and thing "What is this shit?" and toss it as you walk away probably grumbling about the bitch who gave me some stupid Sweettarts. If some guy would stop me and tell me to tell my daddy to vote for Bush, it would be replied with a blank stare. Maybe I would ask him if he has a Kit Kat bar for me. If not, get out of my way, I have a lot of territory to cover.

Do yourself and favor and keep the politics out of Halloween. Just give the kid his 3 Muskateers bar, offer the parent a beer and wait for the next one.

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