Friday, October 22, 2004

Stupid sports people

You ever notice how some sportscasters are just plain stupid? They don't really know what they are talking about and regurgitate stuff they hear from others or read in the paper. One of the worst has to be Eric on the Bob & Brian show. He reads things from the paper and tries to add his "in the know" opinion. The guy is an idiot. Case in point: This morning he said that Scott Rolen sparked a 3 run rally in the 6th for the Cardinals. Rolen CAPPED the rally. Pujols had already doubled in the tying run. Moron. He doesn't know squat about sports.
Then I get to work and hear some guy from the East Coast (Mad Dog Russo?) yapping on the tube. He hashes out the phrase that needs to be retired. He called Yankee Stadium Fenway South, saying the place was loaded with Sox fans. Ok, at one point it was cute. Calling the Rose Bowl Camp Randall West, or Tampa Lambeau South. Now it is just dumb. Give it up.

Surprisingly, there has been no trash talking about the Cowboys this week. I few little comments here about the game (usually asking what I think will happen- My reply is that Vinnie can pass all day on the defense) but no one has offered any bets, or tried to get me going. Hey, both teams are playing crappy football. I just think my team is less crappy and will win on Sunday.

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