Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Not enough hauntings around

Over the weekend, one of the best shows was on TV. The Scariest Places on Earth was on for two 4 hour blocks on Sat and Sun. I wish they were still making new episodes instead of showing the 8 that they have. I enjoy watching again each year as there are things that simply cannot be explained in them.

Like when the girls are in Waverly Sanitarium and they go downstairs to the morgue. One of the trays that used to store bodies had been pulled out out of the cabinet. One of the girls pushed it all the way back in. They walked just a couple feet away and it creaked all the way back out. Of course it freaked the shit out of them and they took off. They did get a shot of the tray being out. With the effort it took for the girl to push it back in, there is no way gravity or a loose rack would have allowed that tray to slide out by itself.

This time around though, I noticed some things about the history of our country. A good majority of these haunted places seem to be in old sanitariums. Apparenlty there were sanitariums dotted around the country. Not any more. Maybe we need more of these places if not so the next generation can have some new haunted areas to investigate.

I found one spot quite amusing as well. There is an old lighthouse somewhere on the East Coast that was inspected by a Japanese TV show. They sent there man to spend a night in the lighthouse. They show the guy rig up his came, lay out a mattress and enjoy some grub. The voice over tells us that nothing happened until about 2 in the morning when he started to hear voices. The show must have dubbed in the sounds because you hear this faint ghostly "Why are you hear" come out of no where. At this point you see the Japanese guy get up and try to "talk" to the ghost. We are then told that the ghost didn't respond. Well, duh! Of course the ghost didn't respond. You think a ghost in New England is going to speak Japanese??? Now that would be something to see. The ghost speak Japanese to the this guy. That would scare me. And now that I think about it, how come we never hear about any good hauntings in the Far East? It seems any time they have haunted places that they are always in North America or Europe. Isn't there some kabuki theater or dojo that is haunted?

Someone told me about a new dorm on the Marquette campus that may be haunted. I guess they took the old Childrens Hospital and converted it into a dormitory. Reports are that students are hearing little kids laughing and playing and crying. If anyone knows of any stories, please let me know.

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