Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I guess that isn't what he expected to hear

Had one of those interesting conversations with my boss yesterday. As mentioned before, he wants to hold off on my official last day with the firm. He is concerned that one of the main jobs I do will have to be shut down as a conversion is made. He is a bit pissed that the "higher powers" have no clue about the job I do (they don't) and that no one could do it during that interim period. I explained to him that yes, there is someone else that could do the job but that person would be lacking in the skills and experience (yes, a little patting myself on the back but it is true). I could hear him deflating inside. His argument in keeping me around was slowing going nowhere and now he would have a tough sell. I told him I was willing to help out longer than necessary but also stressed that I want to move on. I then proceeded to tell him more things that he probably did not want to hear. He has a meeting this morning to discuss this. I am curious to see if I am going to be called in to discuss the situation further.

While driving in to work this morning, I got caught behind the most annoying of annoying asshole driver types on the freeway. This little Mini was in front of me and kept adjusting his speed from 50 to 65. Whenever the car in front of me tried to pass him- when he slowed to 50 and was driving alongside another car- this a-hole would speed up to 65 when the car was able to switch lanes and attempt a pass. This ass did the same thing when I got behind him. What is this clown? He finds it funny that he can get that little piece of shit up to speed to block someone from passing? Or in his mind he is racing people? Anyway, dicks like this will get theirs at some point. Me, I tried to pass the clown once and then just moved to the middle lane, hoping traffic would slow down so I could cut his ass off at some point or block him from getting where he wanted to go. Hey, sometimes I can play that game too.

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