Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wrinkle Free my ass!

I am not a hard man to please when it comes to clothes. Personally, I would be happy wearing jeans and a t-shirt if I could at all times. Being in financial world, I was also quite comfortable wearing a tie and/or suit every day. Not a big deal. But when my company went business casual, that caused a minor rift in my wardrobe. After the initial shock, I realized the majority of my daily wear could be used for bus. casual, but there were some gaps. I didn't own many button down shirts that weren't dress shirts. I had a polos that I could wear but not much else beside various colored dress shirts that looked nice without a tie. So I went to the store back in the spring and bought a number of shirts, all short sleeved. So when fall came, I knew I would go back to buy more long sleeve shirts for the cooler weather. I did that this past weekend (and of course the weather got warmer immediately- you can thank me later!). Last night I took the hundreds of pins, cardboard, tags, plastic neck collars off of the shirts. I noticed how each one claimed to be wrinkle free. Hey, that must be good. But of course, they all had big creases and wrinkes in them. How could that be if they are wrinkle free? And why do they have instructions on how to iron them (use a cool iron? aren't all irons hot?). They say "iron as needed". If it is wrinkle free then it should be needed. The only good thing I see about these shirts so far is that those creases came out rather easily. But I am not sold yet. Let's see what happens when I go out after work and drink until I pass out. When I wake up on the floor, in the supposedly wrinkle free shirt, and it has nary a wrinkle (did I type nary?), then it may get the StB seal of approval.

And now sports....

There is a little blurb in the Dallas Morning News about Tyrone Williams buying No. 37 from rookie Bruce Thornton. Dig this quote from Tyrone:

"When I came into the league, I didn't ask for a number, so they gave me No. 37 and that's what I'm known for now," Williams said.

No, you are known as the guy opposite of Mike McKenzie that was repeatedly burned and then pissed off your teammates in Atlanta.

For the record, I took the Yankees, Red Sox, Astros and Cards in the playoffs, with the Cards beating the Sox in the World Series. I will buy anyone a beer who does better with their picks.

If you have the chance, you must click on the Czabe link on the right. Go check out the video clip of the guy speaking in Charlotte. Too funny.

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