Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sign of the times

Sign of tomorrow, maybe I am already there. Oops, got carried away with a Night Ranger song.

This is something I was reminded of when I read the Wall St. Journal this morning. There is an article about a street in Plymouth Michigan that has supporters for both Bush and the other guy. It mentions how every other house supports a different candidate. It made me think of my own neighborhood. From past elections, I have seen the Bay View is pretty liberal. If they don't have Kerry signs, they have Green Party or Nader signs. Very few Bush/Cheney signs.
Until this year, that is. I haven't been around an extended area of Bay View, just the blocks around my house and I have noticed fewer Kerry signs and more Bush signs that ever before. In some cases, adjoining houses have "gone to battle" by having their views known only after the other has put down their sign. The house kitty corner from me put up their Bush sign after the house across from me put their Kerry sign up. Me, if I could get a Bush sign, I would put it up to counter balance the other corner behind me.

I must say I am surprised that the political view of the neighborhood may be changing. Maybe I will take a walk this weekend to get a broader sense if this is true. I do find it encouraging to say the least.

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