Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Always looking for talent

Things at work got a little interesting yesterday. They have moved another department into our building in the effort to reduce from 5 buildings to 2. So Monday morning saw a new bunch of faces and a lot of boxes laying around waiting to be moved into people's desks.

Me, I was looking for new talent. There had to be some new hot chicks in this group. But alas, not one. Nothing worth looking at. Sadly, the majority of these people are old women. WTF? They don't believe in youth in this department. Ugh! What a disappointment.

But now it is back to the normal routine. Little to do after 10. Sure sometimes some work may pop up but the majority of the time there is nothing. Let's look at what I will accomplish today. Send email to former associates about new positions at that firm. Kinda skeptical about this one as I worked with them sporadically. One of the people I sent this to had me wondering if it was a good idea. But my boss said he thought highly of me so I thought WTF. It couldn't hurt.

Next on the agenda was to redo my resume for the outplacement people On Mondays I have to attend outplacement workshops for 2 hours. They seem kinda dopey at times but yesterday's was rather good. Our "homework" is to redo our resume they way they say works. I keep mine very current. But the format they want is radically different. Even though I had mine looked at by a friends wife, it wasn' t too good according to these people. Maybe she needs to update her thoughts as well as there is one item on there that should be according to a couple of sources (hint: don't mention references at all).

So I will spend part of my day cutting and pasting things to a new version of the resume and the rest trash talking the chump I just whooped in fantasy football. And I still get paid. Wow.

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