Wednesday, November 10, 2004

If she says so...

Madonna came out and announced that she thinks the US should pull out all of their troops out of Iraq. Rhodes Scholar speaksIf Madonna thinks that, then I agree. Afterall, she is well versed in foreign affairs (lives in London). Her insight is "can't we just all get out?". Great thought blondie. Yes, let's get out. Let's leave a bunch of terrorists regroup. Let's let them plan their attacks without disruption. Let's give terrorism optimism.

Screw the Iraqi people. That is what Madonna is saying.

What a selfish bitch. What is she doing to help the situation? NOTHING.

She says global terror is down the street. Maybe in London. Not on my street, though I have a friend Cyndi who does live a block away and is quite suspicious at times. Hmm....

But maybe my favorite quote is this one

"Global terror is in California. There's global terror everywhere and it's absurd to think you can get it by going to one country and dropping tons of bombs on innocent people."

Why do some people insist that the military is bombing innocent people? Ignore the fact that these weapons are pretty damn accurate and hit their targets and wipe out the bad guys. Blame the US for terrorists blowing up police stations and schools.

By the way, who the heck gives a flying f*%@ about Madonna's thoughts anyways?

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