Friday, November 26, 2004

Anyone know how to fix a truck?

Just got off the phone with the mechanic. They have no clue what might be wrong with my truck. Something was drawing power off the battery while it was parked. I called on Wednesday and they said they didn't know what was wrong. I called today and they say that it started up without a problem today. Because I am not in need of the vehicle, I took his advice and left the truck with him over the weekend. They will start it tomorrow and let me know if there is a problem. He believes that when they disconnected the battery, that the electric system (computerized) had reset itself and may have self-corrected the problem. I figure that the snow won't hit us too bad, if any, this weekend. But if it does, you can blame me.

I know some of you (some seems like the correct number of people that read this) have heard of the soda that is made to taste like a Thanksgiving dinner. Last year they had turkey and gravy. Now they have added green bean casserole, cranberry, mashed potatoes and butter and fruitcake flavors. Who wants to drink a soda that tastes like turkey, let alone mashed potatoes? Apparently there are enough freaks out there as they made 1500 packs of this stuff and sold it out in an hour. Gross.

And finally, it was a nice uneventful day at work. You were allowed to wear jeans today. Funny how some people basically wore the same dress shirt with a pair of jeans. Why bother?

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