Friday, November 26, 2004

First it was the cheese sandwich

Now the kids who sang background for Another Brick in the Wall are going to get a lot money out of nowhere. Seems they are suing for royalties they are entitled to through the Copyright Act of 1997. I wish I could just luck into easy money.

But I think I have the idea to break the bank. Actually it is a somewhat old idea that works during Christmas season and is guaranteed to work everywhere. And it is quite simple.

Beer Gardens in shopping malls. Right smack dab in the middle of the mall they should contruct a beer garden for the men to go to while the women go shopping. There, they could relax, have a beer or two and watch football. That is what they rather be doing than shopping anyway. Face it, guy only go to the mall to shop with their wife, girlfriend, mistress, etc. only to ensure they will get laid again. You don't dare say no to her about going to the mall because you will be cut off. And if you make that mistake, it is going to cost you. Then you need to make that trip to the jewelry store just to get some nookie again. But if the beer garden is open, you can go with her and find time to do some of your own "shopping" as well. Just don't overdo it. You cannot be caught running off to the beer garden. That is too obvious. And you probably should buy something too. If she catches you drinking beer and watching football and you haven't done any shopping, you could get yelled at. Also, make sure you buy something real. Getting caught with a bag from Walgreens or Cinnabon isn't going to save you. Furthermore, don't bring her in to have a beer unless she is 1) hot, 2) likes football and 3) hot. Think of the other guys escaping their lives, I mean wives, at that time. You must be considerate.

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