Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Exposing the Cinnabun!

I know people who loves Cinnabons. I know people who cannot walk by a Cinnabon store without buying one. Or they even get cranky if there are not any available at the time. But let's face it everybody, the Cinnabon isn't that great. Let's not overdue it and place it on the thrown and declare it King of Pastries.

They had a fund raiser this morning selling Cinnabons for $5. I have no problem with that as it is a good way to raise some money for the United Way (I have more of a problem with the United Way but that is a different story). So I heard people getting all giddy for their stupid Cinnabons. They couldn't wait until they went on sale. When the time came, they brought their frosted cinnamonny creations back to their desk and oohed and ahhed about them. Funny though how an hour later, most of these people have half eaten Cinnabons on their desks. So good that you couldn't finish them?

I didn't partake as I heard through the grapevine that some House of Cakes crullers would be showing up. I will take that cruller over a Cinnabon any day.

On a different note, I think my cat has convinced me to possibly take a job where I may do some traveling. When I came home from work yesterday the cast was happy to see me. Problem is sometimes he will run ahead of me and stop either causing me to step on him, of which he emits this screech that drives me nuts, or I have to dance to get around him if he starts to paw the doorway. Yesterday, I tried the latter and prompty kicked the doorway with my pinkie toe. Jammed that toe into the wood quite good. It hurt like a mo fo. Didn't think too much about it until later. It kind of hurt and I wonder if it was possibly broken. I could move it- isn't that the universal test for a broken appendage?- and could walk so it was no big deal.

This morning I had a purple toe. Very interesting looking bruised toe. If I had a camera I would put a picture on here. But now I realized I shouldn't have tried to move around the cat. Think about it. Hard wood versus soft pudgy cat. Toe would have felt better kicking the cat. Tonight I do not make that mistake again.

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