Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bella!!!!! Bella!!!

I stopped into Bella's Fat Cat last night. It is a new custard stand on KK. Of course, they served jumbo hamburgers. Has anyone ever been to a custard stand that does not serve jumbo burgers? Why do they even bother to put that on the menu. It is a custard stand. I know the burger is going to be big.

The burger was your standard cheeseburger. Maybe a bit expensive overall but good. Nothing to distinguish is from any of the jumbo burgers you may eat anywhere else. I wonder if all these places get the same patties? I ate inside the joint. Next time, I may not. You see there were these 5 kids running all over the place. I think the parents were off in another room talking to some dude. But these kids are running around, jumping on stools. Finally, an employee came up to the kids to tell them to calm down and not tear all over the place. This happened as I was leaving. But still, what the hell is wrong with these people? How you let your kids go running around making all kinds of noise? And you wonder how kids get abducted? This always annoys the crap out of me. Because somehow when someone tells the kids to stop, either the kids get an attitude or the parents finally come over and slap the kids around or tell someone to mind their own business and leave the kids alone.

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