Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday..Let the drinking begin!

As a change of pace, I quaffed a number of beers yesterday. Skipped working out and drank instead. Played some poker with the guys from work, then went to another bar to celebrate a friend's passing of an exam, played more poker and then went back to the bar to drink some more. If you get the chance, try Lakefront's White beer. It is a Belgian white that is a little tart like a cider. Quite good though.

But now it is Friday. I am sitting here thinking about
1) How not to do work
2) How to get out of work early
3) What the hell I am going to do tonight

Strangely enough, the how not to do work will entail getting some crappy stuff done right away. I got some accounts today that need to be reconciled. I hate this crap. Half of the entries in these accounts aren't ours. So I go through and check off what is good and then argue about what is bad and tell them to give us the money back. Stupid process that goes on every other month. Once that crap is done, then I won't have much to do.

Thus I will fake work. I think I will use the "computer genius in a movie method" of fake work. You have noticed this one before. Whether it is on TV or in a movie, the computer geek can jump right on the keyboard and start clicking away, typing like 20000 words a minute, and getting everything done not only accurately, but correctly. Do those people even know what the "backspace" key is? So I will clack away if my boss comes around to fake work today. That should work.

I am also working on my cough to get out of here early. I am pissing about something that doesn't really matter because I will be out at 3 anyways but I rather not sit on my ass doing nothing. Hey, I could be drinking. Or getting my fat ass on a cycle and exercising. I hate to waste time. I rather being doing something productive. Anything but sitting around with a finger up my nose. Maybe I should borrow someone's tie and fake a job interview. Hmmm....

But if I leave early, what am I going to do? Nothing really planned for tonight. Badger tomorrow and Cowboys on Sunday. I need something to do tonight. There is always the pub but maybe tonight I will try something different. I have a friend whose ball and chain is going off to watch strippers and he wants to do something. I should ask him why. If I was involved with a chick and she was going off to see strippers, I would keep my night wide open. I would find out when she is coming home. I mean, do the math:

Chicks + Male Strippers = Getting laid for sure.

Simple equation that some guys just don't get. Neither do the women. You should let people go to strip clubs if you want to get some good luvin.

Where was I? Oh yeah, work. Damn this sucks.

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