Monday, November 22, 2004

The brawl & Chimpy McGee

Who doesn't like to watch a good brawl? Watching the mayhem from Detroit on Friday night was fabulous. Awesome entertainment. My favorite part is the idiot towards the end of the fight who walked up to the Pacer (I don't know if it was Artest or O'Neal, frankly I don't care) and makes his move. He does the flinch like he is going to unload. Then he gets his ass kicked! That is the one guy in the who melee that deserved exactly what he got. Being the tough he is, he wants to get involved as everything is winding down. He gets coldcocked and goes down! Awesome part of the video. Too funny.

I would have seen it live but instead I was in Chimpy McGee's basement watching Elf. Good movie. I guess we should have been out looking at strippers instead. His old lady was so he should have been give the free pass to as well. The only thing he would have to been concerned about was getting that stripper smell off of him. Ever notice how all strippers smell the same? Anyway, I would say that is one of the good things about being single. You can wake up the next day with that stripper smell still on you, maybe remember the fun from last night and not get into trouble. If you are involved, then you have to take a shower and get rid of the evidence. Some chicks just don't understand the value a good stripper provides.

Buy stock in SABMiller today. I drank enough this weekend to add a penny or two to the bottom line for them. Funny part was I didn't buy much of it. There was a good party on both Saturday and Sunday that fueld the fire. Worse part was this morning though. No I am not hung over. I feel like I have been robbed of some good sleep. I didn't get home until after the football game which meant I was in bed around 11 or 11:30. I figure I could sleep in and show up to work around 8 or so. But even before my alarm went off, I was awake. When it did go off at 5:50, I smacked the snooze and tried to sleep some more. Nope. That wasn't going to happen. Though I had given it hell this past weekend, I was up on time like I drank nothing but water. So I will probably crash around 2 today. Then I will get all hopped up on caffeine. Then crash while playing cards.

Maybe it was all part of training for this week. Afterall, Wednesday is a free day and it will be amateur night at the bars. But that is another post altogether.

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