Thursday, November 18, 2004

High chairs, coffee filters, and the Halloween candy

On the way to work today, I heard about the "big investigation" into the cleanliness of high chairs at restaurants by a local TV station. I guess that is the next plague that is killing kids around the world today. The dirty high chair. In the radio spot, there is the voice of a mother (I assume) complaining that she has to clean the chair each time because they are filthy. Sounded like they took samples of dirt to a lab to show how much bacteria is on these chairs. End result will be that they will confront some manager or owner and show the results and that person will say that they will strive to keep the high chairs cleaner.

Big frickin deal! How about this...feed your kids at home. If so, everything is under your control. You don't need to take you 1 year old to McDonalds so your lazy ass can stuff a Big Mac in your pie hole as the kid mashes his fries into the tray on the high chair. How stupid are you? If your kid is doing this, then how many other kids have done the same thing? It is like letting your kid crawl through pool of plastic balls. I shudder to think how many kids pee in that thing. If I was taking a baby to a restaurant, I would take the time to clean whatever they were going to be sitting on or eating from. With all the other germ carriers that may have crapped their pants in that seat before you, wouldn't that just be common sense?

So if they are going to investigate the baby chairs, I have a nominee on what should be next. Coffee filters. Imagine what might be happening in the work place to your coffee. This thought occurred to me on Monday. I caught a cold this past weekend. While I wasn't sneezing up a storm, I did have a nasty cough and the multi colored phlegm thing going. I went to the coffee machine (I need to make the coffee strong enough to get going and that will taste good, not like colored water) as I do every day, and grab the filters. At this point the thought went through my head. Everyone that drinks this coffee might as well have me put my finger in there to stir the sugar in. Think about it. The filters are all stuck together. You cannot get them apart without manhandling them. And being a guy, I am not washing my hands every time before I go to make coffee. But this past Monday, I was coughing by the machine and stepped away. This time I did wash my hands before making the coffee but couldn't help but think of people that would think nothing about covering there mouth as they coughed and just going ahead and peeling a filter off and pouring the grounds into it. There must be thousands of people getting sick because of that alone. There must be a better way to separate filters. Maybe Channel 4 can investigate that.

While you are wasting part of your work day today bumbling around the office, take a look at people desks and see if they still have Halloween candy laying around. That is one of my monkey duties every morning (you know a job that they could hire a monkey to do) to collect clocks to make sure they are accurate. I have noticed there is alot of bastard Halloween candy showing up. 3 weeks later, the kid has enough cavities so they attempt to pawn off the remaining candy (read the lemon Tootsie roll, the pineapple Dum Dum sucker, the orange and black peanut butter thingy that the kid wouldn't touch) and take it to work for the co-workers. I am offended by the amount bastard Halloween candy that is now showing up! That could be a killer too. Channel 4, where are you when we need you?

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