Thursday, November 04, 2004

How to totally overreact to an election

I spent a good amount of time going through the blogosphere yesterday looking at reactions to the election. One thing that amused and confounded me was the reaction people had to the President being re-elected. The far left was acting like it was the end of the world, that they had to "save" the country and riot in the streets and start a revolution, that the GOP had rigged the election by flying planes over the new electronic voting machines thus changing votes, that the time to go to Canada was now (reportedly Robert Redford is moving to Ireland. YES!), that so many people could be so stupid was unimaginable, that the Southern rednecks shouldn't be allowed to vote.

People, get a life! You need to come to grips with reality. The far left is not liked by the rest of the country. You put an extremely liberal candidate out there and they will lose. It has happened over the last 24 years. Don't go around with your elitist attitude and look down on the people you claim to help (you know, those you keep down). The American people have spoken and given President Bush a mandate. You are in the minority with your far out ideas of government. Few people agree with you.

My favorite might have been the dopey woman on the Channel 6 news. They ran a story about people involved in the campaigns and what they would do now. The Bush supporter basically said he was happy and life would return to a normal schedule. The Kerry supporter was freaking out. She says that she is more scared now because Bush does not have to worry about being re-elected in 4 years and does not need to be held accountable. WTF? What country do you live in? You have no faith in the American people and thus you deserved to lose. The fact that person was trying to get people to vote scares me.

If there is one thing I would tell her if I ever met her, it would be this: President Bush got more votes in the history of our election. I am sure that would drive her nuts.

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