Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Random hits

I didn't play poker last night. Instead I did something I should have done over the weekend. Went grocery shopping. They say you shouldn't go food shopping when you are hungry. I think that is a bunch of hooey. Though it might explain me buying and then chowing down the mock chicken legs.

Then what again is a mock chicken leg. According to the name, it isn't chicken. And it isn't quite a leg. You know, they I ain't them last night, I have no clue what the hell it is that I ate.

Part of the big need to go to the store was that I needed tooth paste and cat litter. Badly. I was down to the last squeeze on the Aim, and my cat was down to his last squeeze in the box. Now we both are happy.

I also needed light bulbs. My lamp in the living room had blown the other day. For once, I also thought about the little bulbs needed for the ceiling fan/light in my bedroom. Never again would I go to work with one blue sock and one black sock! After putting those lights in, I don't know if there was a significant amount of light in the room. Just in case, I wore some olive color socks that I know are the same.

I also tried to find shoe laces. They were out. Apparently there was a rush on shoe laces at Pick n Save. Of course, I didn't stop at Walgreens or some other place. That would make some kind of sense. No, instead, I will put on those shoes some day just before work and piss and moan when they snap.

Some guy just walk buy with this huge turtleneck sweater on. I mean that fabric around his neck could have clothed a family of four. I thought it was a neck brace. Just plain stupid looking. I bet he grew up thinking "my mom dresses me funny because of John Malan". Hey, maybe your mom is still dressing you as the sweater still looks moronic.

One other thing I find good about the election results is that the "stars" didn't fool America. Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi didn't make a big difference. And why should they? Do they live the same lifestyle as you and me? What matters to you and I doesn't matter to them. They can take their phony opinions and shove them. Same with George Clooney who tried to buy an office for his dad. Ha!

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