Thursday, November 11, 2004

I have an idea for Hallmark

I proprose a new holiday. National Smack a Co-Worker Upside the Head Day. I know you can relate. There is always that one assclown in the workplace that annoys the crap out of you. I just had an encounter with mine today. He didn't fill out a form completely and did not properly document a meeting with a client. Thus the transactions he did are rather vague and can be construed as being against policy. Part of what I do is enforce said policy.

So I end up speaking with him and listen as he begins to spin the whole process and say that he didn't do anything wrong, that I did. Hold on a minute here bozo. One person out of twenty does something different, one who had no say in how the process was developed, one who no one likes to begin with, and he is correct?

No. You fucked it up. Don't blame someone else for your error. These people piss the hell out of me. Thus I move that November 19, 2004 is known nationally at Smack a Co-Worker Upside the Head Day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can't we also include " National Smack-A-Boss upside the head without getting fired Day" included in the co-worker day. Just one good shot upside the noggin?