Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Keep the feeble off the road

You know it is bad enough when traffic is a little heavier than you expect it to be when driving to work. That can be enough to add a little stress to your day, even before you may have had that first cup of coffee. Is it too much to ask that the feeble stay off the road?

There are two kinds of feeble drivers that I know you can relate to. That I know can/will piss you off. First, there is the dork that cannot accelerate on the on ramp. This person doesn't understand that when entering the freeway, you must get to freeway speed on the on ramp so you can enter traffic with causing problems. They rather drive in fear. They get up to 40 on the and then try to enter traffic. Then and maybe then, they may speed up to 50 mph or if you are lucky, the speed limit. These people think they are such careful and safe drivers, that by no means could they be doing any wrong. Well, I am here to tell you, you are. I had some clown pull this one by the stadium today. Because Milwaukee has so many entries onto the freeway from the left on I94, these clowns can be tough to deal with. In this case, I was being the nice guy and slowed down a bit (there was no one right behind me) to let this person get the highway easily. Instead, they sat there waiting. Waiting at 40 mph. WTF? Get on the damn freeway already! So I had to speed up and get clear of the clown.

The second feeble type that we all know and despise in the one who is scared to change lanes. That blinker goes on and they seem to drive a quarter mile before they change lanes. And then that damn blinker stays on just to annoy the crap out of you! Even if you try to let someone in, they don't seem to get the point and wait. I tried that this morning as well. The car was changing lanes to switch to 45 north. I had to lay on my horn to get the idiot to understand I was letting him in. I wish I was driving my truck this morning. I would have sped up along side the guy and slowed down to prevent him from changing lanes and forcing him to miss his exit. Of course, he would have probably come to a dead stop on the freeway (another topic in itself), but I would have been pleased.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking. No way was I nice to 2 people on the freeway today. Hey, it does happen. Not that often but it is known to happen. I am not an angry driver. I just don't want to be held up by stupid people.

Go out and vote to day as well. I don't want to hear anyone crying about waiting in line for whatever length of time it may take. Remember, it could be worse. You could have no say in how your government is run. People in Afghanistan have learned. People in Iraq have learned. We need to keep learning as well.

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