Monday, November 15, 2004

Losing my manhood

Somewhere over the period of watching the Badgers get obliterated on Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday, I have pretty much lost my voice. Funny part is that most people at work think I am joking and just not wanting to talk to clients. Well, yeah that is part of it but I can't really talk much anyway so that conversation would be pretty crappy. But now I realize I have the proof right in front of me.

Herbal tea. That is the proof that I am not faking it. C'mon, what man drinks tea if he doesn't have to. Unless it is ice tea or Long Island varieties, men don't drink tea. It is bad enough I have to drink it to make my throat feel better. It is the one thing I know will help, but then again I couldn't find the flavor I wanted. That is embarassing enough digging through the basket trying to figure out what kind of stupid tea to drink.

Maybe I should keep it cover or toss it is a coke can to conceal it. Or a Starbucks cup.

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