Friday, November 12, 2004

Stupid fans are quite entertaining

I am willing to go on record with this one. Most Packer fans are pretty stupid. Yes, I said it. It has nothing to do with me being a devoted Dallas Cowboys fan. It is the truth. I know a lot of fans who know what is going on with the team and they are not included in the group. Then there is another faction of fans that know about the team and the NFL. They read about what other teams are doing. But those seem to be quite few. Most Packer fans can only regurgitate what they read in the local paper. All those sugar coated stories. I think the clowns I listed to last night totally fall into this group.

I went up to Stenys to play cards. Got there early to try the wings (they were ok, nothing great). I sat at the end of the bar by these 3 guys in the late 40s. They started talking about football. There were a couple things that cracked me up and led me to this post. The best might have been how they blamed Brett Favre for the loss against the Eagles in the playoffs. And how they would never forgive him for it. Maybe if they won another Super Bowl but until then NO ONE would forgive the way that he acted after the game (they said he wouldn't talk about the interception) and that it hurt his legacy as a Packer. WTF? I had to fight from laughing at that one. I don't know if anyone that watches the game at the bar even thinks about that. With all the accomplishments he has had and what he has done for the Packer organization, these 3 clowns are upset over one interception and the fact that he didn't apologize for it. Total dipshits!

Another thing they said that cracked me up was talking about Jerry Rice. They made a comment that Jerry Rice could walk into Stenys and everyone would stop what they are doing and look is total amazement at him. That Rice was the greatest receiver ever. Stupid comment from Packer fans. Who is the best receiver to play the game? My answer is Don Hutson. Played in a different era when the pass was not what it is today. Rice has it easy. Hutson never did. Anyone can catch a 3 yard pass and run. Hutson caught his downfield. To talk about great receiver and not even mention this Packer is mind boggling.

Yeah, I think most Packer fans are idiots who truly know little about their own team, and know even less about others.

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