Friday, December 31, 2004

All over the map

It will be a long day at work. Things will be quiet. So to pass the time, I may post whatever comes to mind.

For example....
That stupid Tivo commercials where people are ready to celebrate the New Year. They keep chanting 5 because someone paused their Tivo. Huh? Some jerkoff needs to go take a lead 5 seconds before the new year? He couln't hold it a minute more? Meanwhile his girl sits on the couch patiently waiting. Yeah right. You know she would be pissed because at the stroke of midnight he is busy draining the lizard. Get freakin real! Stupid commercial. A reason not to get Tivo.

Gambling degenerate comment of the week: Does the Bears-Packers game look like the biggest sucker bet of the year? Bears by 3? In fact there are a lot of questionable spreads out there as the bookmakers look for teams to rest their starters. In this case, I don't care. The Packer's backups can beat the Bears. Forget about what happened earlier. Take the Pack and the points. It couldn't be a better start to the new year by beating your man! (Then again, if you are in Wisconsin, you can expect the line to be about even instead of catching points.)

I have also added a new link. Go check out "I read the comics so you don't have to". Damn funny! I wish I would have thought that up. All this time, I knew Mary Worth was a nosy busybody!!!

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