Friday, December 31, 2004

Songs in the head

It's 9:50 am. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen is spinning around my brain. Don't know why. Maybe because it is a great tune.

Boredom does bad things to you. I just went and got some cake only because I wanted something to do and a co-worker apparently didn't want to go get it alone. So she knew she could convince me to walk over to the other area to get the cake.

Things are changing at work. Beside the fact the company has been sold and it has been give away city here with any logo stuff, the changes are happening in the cafeteria as well. A new cappuccino machine was put in. Nothing fancy. Just like what you see at the gas station. This replaced the old one. The new one is better. A fuller body drink comes out instead of the watery one they had. Also, a new juice machine was being put in. There are rumors abound on what will be served next week. The cooking staff has changed over. We currently get lunch (consisting of one main entree, soup and salad. By the way, the soup is pretty damn good!). Rumor is that breakfast will be added. Rumor is that we will have a choice of 3 entrees to choose from. If so, that is pretty good. But I would also surmise that means the soup is going to go. That would suck. Oh well, life goes on.


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