Thursday, December 02, 2004

Congrats to the Wig

He has a baby girl last night. A whopping 9 pounds! Ok, I do not know if that is a lot or not. I will play the single guy card here as I have no clue whether that makes it a big baby or not.
Still, it is great to here the baby and mother are fine. Feel free to click on the link and wish him and the family well.

Who needs kids when you have a cat? I have that fat little creature at home to amuse me. Now, the other day, I was either one cheap dude or a total genius. I had to replace the shoe laces on a pair. I ripped the old ones out and put in the new (which were a little short, daggnabbit!). As I did, the cat sat there staring at me. So I took one of the lengthy pieces that was left (about 9 inches) and threw it at the cat. He went wild and started smacking it around. An old broken shoe lace was smacked around like crazy. A couple of days later and he is still playing with the old shoelace.

I am tempted to go dig the other pieces out of the garbage and post them on Ebay. This could be my road to millions!

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