Thursday, December 02, 2004

Should I be a responsible person?

December. The month I had planned to go back to Vegas in. I remember last year, airfare was dirt cheap. Same with hotels. So I figured I would definately take advantage of the situation this year. But the scenario is not the same. Airfare is high because of jet fuel prices. Hotels are still cheap but I need to get there. Throw in my last days of employment are here and the trip looks less that likely to happen.

But the fat lady ain't singing yet. I did take the days off so I can leave when I want. But should I be responsible and find a job first? I have some feelers out there, but maybe taking a week off in the middle of December would be better put to use finding a job instead of gambling. If something good would come along, I would be here to interview. But I could be relaxing, playing poker and drinking all day, forgetting to eat something until the sun has come up and I realize I haven't slept in 48 hours.

An earlier than expected "windfall" is coming in next week adding to the temptation of getting on a plane. A work "savings" account has been cashed and will be in my grubby little hands next week. That would easily pay for the trip and have money left over. Damn decisions.

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