Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Fire Bob Harlan

He has no respect for veterans, or our country's flag. The Packers lowered the United States flag to half mast in honor of Reggie White Packers insult veterans. Bob Harlan, nor the Packers, should allow this. Lowering the flag to honor the dead is to be done on order by the President or a state's governor. It is done to honor the military or a government leader. Reggie White, with all due respect, was neither. He was a great football player. He did some fine things in the community as well. But none of that merits lowering the American flag.

Another problem with this is the fact the team didn't even lower it's own flag. It flew higher than the US flag. Another no no. No flag should fly higher than the U.S. flag. Disgusting. Veterans are upset and they should be. You owe them an apology. Lowering the team flag would have been more appropriate.

Though I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, I truly respect the Green Bay Packers organization. Heck, I am a shareholder. However, Bob Harlan has always rubbed me the wrong way. He takes way too much credit for the success the team has had over the last 10 years. It was Holmgren and Wolf that did the hard work. You just were there for the ride.

But this whole thing will probably be a moot point. Our pansy wussbag of a governor will probably give an order to "make it ok". Doyle lied to get into office and will pander to anyone and everyone to try and ensure re-election.

This is kinda like the knucklehead who approached me at the grocery store last night. I was checking our the brats (Hey, it's the southside of Milwaukee, what else am I buying?) when some guy goes "Hey buddy, when you weren't looking, someone put a silly hat on your head" in reference to the Cowboys cap I was wearing. I just looked at the guy with a what-you-think-you-are-funny look. He chuckled and I ignored him. Seconds later, he is around the side and talking to me again, telling me a story of how he was in Mexico and some cantina had a full size statue of Brett Favre. Uh...ok. So? Do I really care? I said nothing and walked away. But why must some people be so insecure about piddly things like a football team. I love my team as much as others but I don't feel the need to try and belittle others who are say, wearing a Giants or Eagles cap (Redskins is different :) ). What kind of person walks up to a stranger and tries to be funny by insulting them? Only idiots. Maybe I should have clocked him with a ham.

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