Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Moms with big jugs

Huh? What kind of title is that? Well, apparently if you do an MSN Search on those words, my insane ramblings come up. Interesting. Very amusing. I did not know that one could MILF hunt and end up here. Plus, the person who did this search actually clicked on to what I had to say. They must have been disappointed that there weren't any pictures. Oh yeah, they were Canadian too. Must be pretty cold up there if they did that search. But that lead me to the actual topic I was going to discuss today...

Tits. Sounds like a snack! I know it is. But I am talking new Nabisco Tits! Ok, I didn't come hear to rip off George Carlin (but if you have never heard the 7 words you cannot say on television then you missing out on one big piece of funny).

But the subject came up yesterday while I was having dinner with a friend last night. Right now, I am trying to recall how we got onto the subject but I can assure you it was not because I was staring at hers. Nor was I drooling. But they are worthy of a good staring. But the subject was women using their ah, endowments, to get what they want. I insist that most women have done this. Whether it is flirting with someone in a bar to get free drinks, catching the eye of a man, or just using the puppies to get a husband/boyfriend/lover to buy them something/get some, the majority of women have used their chest to their advantage. She denies it but I know she has. I say it is natural for women to use the sweater kittens to get us men, the pigs we are, to do their bidding.

I even pointed at the sweater she was wearing that showed just a bit of cleavage. Her comment was that according to a BBC America (I like how she quotes a source she knows I will not try to verify) show, that a woman with a big chest should wear something that is a low cut as men will not focus on their boobs. I found it funny. I said if you didn't want a man to look at your rack, then you should wear a turtleneck and cover those kids up. Nope, she said. A turtleneck only enhances the bosom (or something to that effect) and makes guys look there more. At that point, I thought of a girl at work who tends to wear big turtleneck sweaters and is rather endowed. Maybe she is trying to pick up some guy at work?

But I digress. What woman has not used her puppies to get something she wants? That is the subject. Ladies, help me in my research (yeah, that's what it is, research!). You know you flirt with them and they help you out. Just admit it.

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Charlie Gordon said...

My girlfriend not only does it, she tells me when she's going to do it.

"I really need to talk this professor into a better grade.. which one of these shirts makes my boobs look best?"