Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Let it snow

It becomes official this weekend. I put the Mustang away for the winter. Got the Explorer back yesterday. After some brake work and the usual maintenance, it is ready for the road. And with the overnight snowfall, that is a good thing. Traffic wasn't too slow this morning. They did a good job overnight (as usual) of keeping things clean. However, I do have one bitch this morning (yeah, what else is new, me complaining about other drivers). For all of you that do not have the luxury of a garage, do us a favor when you clean your windows in the morning. Take the time to clear the snow off the roof of your car. I do not need to be in a mini blizzard when driving behind you. All that snow begins to blow off your car onto my windshield and your rear window. Ultimately you can't see out the back anymore and I am driving into snow that shouldn't be there. Thus, when you change lanes into me, you will hear my horn because of your numbskull laziness.

Of course, after this happens, you realize that you may have to get your wipers changed. This really sucks when half of your windshield is being cleared. Don't know if my blades had frozen up a bit overnight or what. They worked well yesterday. This morning they sucked.

I am a bit disappointed but then it may be early still. While bored at work (sounds like a different blog) I went to the football pool site and posted a trash talking article for all to see. Feeling Onionish, I went on to advise my fellow prognosticators to not even begin to expect to win this weekend. My football pool will reign supreme. So far I haven't heard any comment about it. What, are these people busy working?

And the last month is upon us. 21 days left at work. Make that 17 as I will get the 4 vacation days squoze in there. The final countdown has begun. I did some cleaning of a portfolio I have used for meetings. It has a number of folders in it, kinda like a Trapper. Weird how it seems that all the notes were over 2 years old. And some of the notes had weird messages on them. Such as HIGH BEAMS ON! I know what the message meant but I wonder to who I had directed it to. I wonder who was sitting next to me when I scribbled that down.

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