Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The odorant?

It always sucks when you run out of deordorant. Especially if you were just at the store and forgot to buy it with your other groceries. So when the trusty Speed Stick ran out and crumbled out of container onto the floor, I knew I didn't have much time. Thanfully, it was enough to get me through the day. I headed out to Walgreens on the way home. I needed some shoelaces as well so the stop wasn't a waste.

I wandered around the store looking for the deodorants. Ended up I had walked by them because some lady was hoggy the aisle. I looked at what they had and decided to grab the one on sale. I didn't know that Addidas was in the deordorant business.

Well, apparently they are not and there is a reason it was on sale. This stuff makes you stinkier. Yes, it makes you smell. The next day I am at work and I smell something. It was late afternoon and I wonder what that smell is. Oh so non-chalantly I stretch my arm out and take a whiff.

WHEW! That isn't good. Of course, the next thought is that it cannot be me. Stretch again for the other pit. DAMN! WTF? Now, the next thought is can anyone else smell me? I hope not and keep the arms down. Maybe this is just in my head. I even went home and looked at the stick. 24 hour protection my ass!

Nope. Next day, I kinda notice it again. The kicker was on Saturday morning. I got up and was playing poker on the net. Was comfortable with a clean sweatshirt on. The day after stink was terrible. Now normally, I do not have this kind of stink from my pits unless I have been working out and then not taking a shower right away. This was bad. How does someone make a deordorant that makes you stink?

Got some Right Guard on Sunday. This is like the total opposite. So much better.

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