Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Tired, mad, happy

Tired- Stayed up late watching the Cowboys game

Mad- I spiked the remote to the floor when Testaverde through an interception with 5 minutes left and the Cowboys down by 3.

Happy- Found out the Cowboys won the game by scoring 2TDs in the last 1:45.

Mad- I didn't see it happen live.

Tired- 6 am comes too damn quick sometimes.

Happy- The Cowboys have some momentum and should win on Sunday.

Mad- The secondary was awful. Even with 8 guys back there, Hasselbeck shredded them.

Tired- It also didn't help that my damn cat was hungry and making a lot of noise when I hit the snooze button for the 3rd time.

Mad- Jerry Rice is allowed to cheat and push off.

Happy- The refs balanced the penalties out with a couple of questionable calls that went the 'Boys way.

Mad- Balancing poker and football does not work. Couldn't pay full attention to either game.

Tired- Not much to do at work. Coffee is finally kicking in.

Happy- The Cowboys have a running back that can bounce it outside. Julius Jones has run into a pile of bodies a number of times and bounced out for big gain. Haven't seen that since Emmitt's glory days.

Mad- Can't find highlights of the game right now. Still looking.

Happy- Cowboys win!

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