Sunday, December 26, 2004

One nasty hangover and a sweet Christmas story

Somehow it seems wrong to wake up on Christmas morning with a nasty hangover. I was so glad that I had no family events to show up at. I was able to just lay on the couch and watch Jingle All the Way. That was the best FX could come up with? I still don't understand why they showed that movie over and over yesterday. Someone at the networkd should have been fired over that one. But it did the job. I dozed in and out watching the movie. The cat was happy as he just laid on top of me all day.

Around 7, I was finally feeling better. I didn't have much food in my house. The kielbasa was chowed down quickly as brunch. Yeah, it can be called brunch when you wake up at noon. Chips and salsa made for a nice dinner. Thank the Lord I have some beer in the fridge. That was good enough to get me through the Bond flicks on Spike. Much better than Jingle any day.

Anyway, it is Sunday the 26th now and I went to get the newspaper. I see there is some mail. Huh? Must have come on the 24th. Oops. Here I was complaining about having to watch frickin' Jingle All the Way when I have a couple of movies from Netflix sitting outside. More interesting was the big envelope that was there. Allright, something so special it needed the good mail. Someone wanted to make sure it was there on time for me to open!


Shit this isn't for me, it is for the kid upstairs. Idiot. He never could get the dumb address right. Hmm...sticker says it is for a noon delivery. Wonder if that was on the 24th. HA! That will show him! I can see it now. A boy crying into his pillow because Mom & Dad didn't get him anything for Christmas. Mom & Dad all feeling good because they were able to give their son a little extra this year. A happy phone call to their son on Christmas day. An accusation about them being cheap bastards and forgetting him. He didn't forget. He had mailed their gift- A Red Lobster gift certficate- a week ago. Hell, they probably ate there last night. And he got nothing. The parents, now surprised and getting angry, try to explain they sent out some money. But he won't have any word of it. The boy is crying again about being not loved. They slam the phone down and he runs to his bedroom. Mom & Dad are angry and call the post office to yell at the poor person answering the phone. Their noon delivery on the 24th was not honored and they want the extra $3.50 they paid refunded to them immediately. Little do they know it was there on time but they had the wrong address. Makes me wonder if the post office employee, who was about to go postal on them because some strangers were calling him incompetent, could have simply said "If your boy wasn't so stupid and had the correct address, then he would have received the package!"

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Anonymous said...

Too funny. Just laying around today watching football and playing on PokerStars.

Dave Fourputtinski