Monday, December 27, 2004

Damn the donut people!!!

I am damn good with finding places. Once I have been somewhere, I rarely have a hard time finding a place again. The majority of the time I will remember a street name and a marker that will guide me.

That is the majority of the time.

Other times, I don't seem to remember exact details. Take for example my sister's house in Racine. Very easy drive. Straight down Hwy 32. Then I take a left onto some nerd street. I can never seem to remember the street name exactly. It is either Myron, Melvin, or Milton. At least it is close (Melvin St.). But once I recognize it, along with some other building around it I know where I am.

That is until the donut shop was closed.

As I drove down yesterday, once again I was quite sure of the street name. But I knew to take a left by the donut shop. I had even considered stopping in to bring along some as a nice treat for her family. So I had arrived in Racine and was focused on the donut shop when I noticed Melvin St. I looked to the donut shop for confirmation. Easy Check? WTF? Is this the street?

Damn the donut people!!! How could you close???

So I ended up taking a left one street over and flying back to Melvin. But I hold a grudge against the donut people now. My brain is usually too awash in beer to remember these things. I will once again be looking for that donut shop that does not exist. Then again, things could be worse. Someone could open a new donut shop further up the road and then I would be completely lost.

Especially if it is by Milhouse St.

I now reflect on Christmas 2004 and am quite happy. The commercialism of the holiday has bothered me for many a year now. It just doesn't seem right hearing commercials in October for Christmas sales. I also like the fact that my family has pretty much cutback on the number and price of the gifts. No one goes overboard anymore. Plus, I made donations to various charities this year (the USO & Special Operations Warriors) instead of giving some people gifts mainly because they don't really need anything. The families of soldiers fighting for our freedom would more in need than my brother or father. I felt good just knowing they would understand that I could go and buy either a sweater or I could make sure a child of a fallen fighter would be able to go to school or that a child could talk to the mother or father who is half a world away on Christmas Day.

Plus the Cowboys beat the Deadskins. Christmas doesn't get any better than that.

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