Monday, December 13, 2004

Should have taken the day off

My work day seems to get shorter and shorter. I usually have the daily work done by 9 now. That means for 6 and 1/2 hours, I have pretty much nothing to do. I get paid to be here. Now, some things may come up that warrant attention but that doesn't happen all the time. So I sit around, groggy from the drinking the day before watching football, thinking about how to waste time. Funny part is someone wants to shadow me next week as a number of my job functions transition to other people. What is this person going to do, sit here and watch me surf the net? Totally idiotic. I don't watch this tub of a person behind me anyway. Time to shoot down this ridiculous concept.

It is worse when your stomach feels like an over inflated balloon. I ate too much yesterday. Don't know why. It must have been those damn cashews. Mighty tasty. But it made sleeping difficult as my bloated stomach caused me to wake every once in a while. It still feels full right now, 16 hours later.

I need a vacation. I wonder if I disappeared, would anyone notice?


Anonymous said...

of course we would notice if you disappeared.... who would make us laugh at the bar, amuse us with poker tales and write fantastic haikus?!?!

Anonymous said...

you aren't pulling a janet now are you?? i miss reading your tales. scooby doo, where are you???