Thursday, January 06, 2005

Being late to work, a dying concept

I don't know if your workplace is like mine, but it seems the thought of being late to work is gone. People wandered in here late today. Not just a couple minutes late. We are talking 20-30 minutes late. One guy, even an hour. It snowed. Traffic was bad. My car was stuck in the parking lot. "So what if I am late, everyone else was" seems to be the attitude.

Now I don't know about anyone else, but I wasn't shocked to wake up and see all that snow. That is all they talked about on the news yesterday. People could have planned ahead. I set my alarm so I could get the shoveling done and get to work in time. What a concept!!! Set the alarm so you wake up early and get to work on time. Apparently, that isn't done anymore. People would rather jump on the excuse train and shirk their responsibility. That is simply put, bullshit!


silver coyote said...

Oh God! where I work.. i have to be in by 0830am or before.. everyone here plus my boss thinks highly of ppl who comes in early.. and i amDEFINATELY not a morning take care when ur driving tho, ok?

All Things Dave said...

Geez o' petes! What kind of sick moe foes do you work for?

As long as you put in a solid days work what do they care if you come in a little late because of the snow?