Thursday, January 06, 2005

This isn't early

The alarm went off at 5. With 6 inches of snow on the ground, I had to get up early to remove it before heading to work. Yesterday I told people of my plans and they thought I was crazy. Why not wait until after work? I wouldn't get up early to shovel, that is just stupid. Young kids are pretty dumb. I have more shoveling to do tonight before I go home and clear my sidewalks again. Not to mention clearing up the end of the drive by the streets. The plows will definitely bury me in there.

I looked out the window, trying to survey the damage. Didn't look bad. I noticed a light on in the street. A car was out there. Couldn't tell if there was somebody in the car, but it appeared to be running. I threw on the sweatshirt, jacket, hat etc and went out to begin the task. I cleared the top walk to the back door, then the steps. Car is still out there. Appears to be someone in there, with their head down.

I look at the sidewalk. There seems to be about 5-6 inches down and it is still snowing. I decide to head towards the garage and clean out the little driveway I have first and then will do the sidewalk. Snow is flying everywhere. When I shovel, I shovel. I am a machine. I dig in and keep on digging. What sucks about having a little drive- which is next to an alley- is that there is little place to put all the snow. There is a small section I can pile it on to the left of the garage. No where to go on the right. My tenant wouldn't appreciate me piling snow in front of their parking spot, let alone their car. So I have to carry it a couple feet over to the right by the sidewalk. Not a big deal until we have a couple of snowfalls. I am shoveling away, still watching the car. The wipers are going intermittently. I notice that the driver's window is down. I don't recognize the guy in the car. Or the car for that matter. I see the head bob every once in a while but can't really tell if the person is doing something or is passed out. I am shoveling for a good 5 minutes by my garage, about 10 feet away from the car, before I look up and see him looking at me. Looks like the guy is in a daze. I ask him if he is ok. He looks at me and says he is fine and asks if I know who he is. I now realize he is the kid from next door. Must have gotten a new car. He proceeds to tell me he is writing a new for his dad and that he moved out over a year ago. He is shocked that I didn't know that (like I care?). I tell him I am surprised I haven't been woken up by his dad shoveling early in the morning. He informs me that his dad isn't doing too well. He was on Vioxx but after it was taken off the market, he has gone down hill. It rough on the family. He then proceeds to tell me what a dirtbag his brother is because his brother won't do any of the work around the house. I can relate a bit (I mean, it would be nice if my brother would go to my mother's house and shovel or mow the lawn or at least offer to do so).

We chat for a bit. You know how you run into some people you don't really know but when you talk to them, they act like you are former best friends. They tell you anything and everything. That is what he was doing to me. Funny part was when he asked about the shed in my yard and whether I was using it. He is moving and could use some storage. Tells me to think about it. He'll throw a couple bucks my way to make it worth it. Oh boy! Thankfully, he decides he needs to finish writing his note. About 15 minutes later, I get my shoveling done. Took 30 minutes total. Even though I talked with the guy, I kept shoveling as I did. Even when I was done, he was still writing. Must be a novel. He was gone by the time I left for work.

Drive to work wasn't too bad. People doing about 35-40. I still have a problem with that person who will stay in the left lane though they are not going any faster than the other lanes. A truck is parked on my ass because the clown in the Malibu won't change lanes. Slow traffic keep right must be a thing of the past.

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All Things Dave said...

Why don't you, while drinking, shovel your neighbor's driveway?

That would be a kind act especially since his health is not that good now.

Enjoy your blog. Please keep writing.

Still looking for your opinion on mixing Maker's Mark with ginger ale.

C'mon man! Tell us what drinks are good for what occasions! For example:

1) Bad day at work.
2) Girlfriend mad at you.
3) Girlfriend broke up with you.
4) Meet new girl. Go for drinks. What to order to impress her?
5) It's freaking freezing outside.
6) It's ungodly hot outside.
7) Best friend has a newborn son.
8) Watching football.
9) Watching PLAYOFF FOOTBALL (insert Howard Dean scream - yee haw!)
10) Having a drink with the boss. What to order? Obviously not a white wine spritzer.

I think I deserve a link to my blog for all the ideas I just gave you.