Friday, January 07, 2005


It is funny how men and women differ on their comments on boobs. Drasticly different comments happen. It essentially is a good vs. evil mentality that comes out. Men are good, women are evil. I just sat through a lunch where the women at the table were all catty about the sweater one girl was wearing. I must say, I did not appreciate the language they used. They should be more like men. Let me prove it.

Case in point number 1: A lady with a nice rack walks on by.
Men look at her and think "Wow! She has some nice eyes, good posture, and I hear she has a degree."

Women look at the same lady and say "Those aren't real!"

Men appreciate the sweater kittens more, as it should be. Women take them for granted.

Case in point number 2: Another lady with some major hogans walks on by.
Men nudge their buddy so he can get a good look at those, ah, eyes.

Women slap the man for looking at the guns on the girl.

And finally, men are open to helping women out more.

Case in point number 3: A lady with some nice yum yums comes to the bar to get a drink

Men engage in nice witty banter and offer to buy the cocktail for them.

Women tell her to stop being such a tart and not show those things off. Have some class, ya whore!

See, when it comes to the melons, men are good, women evil.

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