Tuesday, January 18, 2005

So much easier being a guy

Before I get into the main topic here, I couldn't help but laugh at my pc this morning. Apparently there was a patch added to the system at work. I noticed my machine doing a bunch of other functions as it logged onto the network. The message it gave was great though. It read "We are updating your machine. This will take a few minutes. Take a deep breath and relax". Ok, maybe I am the only one who appreciates the fact that some IT guy has a sense of humor slipped it in the message screen.

And now for something completely different...

I can hardly reinforce this enough. It is so much easier being a guy.

Yesterday at lunch, I had to endure the conversation of one girl's trip to the spa on Saturday. On Friday, she was busy excitedly talking about it and how great it was going to be. Spa? Guys don't need spas. The spa equivalent for a guy is going to Hooters where you would have your own TV for viewing which football game you want (of course you would have the remote), an endless supply of wings, and as much beer as you can drink for the price of a spa visit. Then again, sometimes the bill at Hooters does get that high.

But I digress. She also mentioned how she spent close to $500 bucks this weekend, with $150 being spent on makeup alone. The cheap guy at the table freaked out. He couldn't fathom letting his fiance spend that kind of money. He said she was lucky that he let her buy some makeup at Wal-Mart. To him, that was five bucks down the drain. The look of shock on this girl's face was priceless. Not that his fiance could spend only 5 bucks on makeup, but because she was buying her makeup at Wal-Mart!!! Shocking! Disgusting! Funny as hell!

See, the hardest decisions for guys are what kind of beer to get. Do I have ice at home? Maybe I should pick up some more toilet paper just in case. Who can I get to go to Hooters? Now, I know you ladies are thinking those are some DAMN tough decisions to make but don't worry. We are hardwired to make those big choices so it comes easy.

Now what kind of beer should I pick up tonight?

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J. Gambino said...

A good Tuesday beer would be a Dos Equis XX? Or perhaps a Carling?