Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Those swell people at Maker's

It pays to drink Maker's Mark. Well, not actual cold hard cash but somewhat close. Yesterday I received a package from the fine people who distill the best bourbon in the country. I looked at the box and couldn't help but wonder what the hell they were sending me now.

Being an official Maker's Mark Ambassador, I have received various things from them. Just before Christmas, I learned I had become a father of a nice barrel of Maker's. My name is on a plate on the barrel (ok, with about 20 other people, but this is my own private stock). They sent me a package announcing my whisky had been conceived and would deliver in only 7 or so years. Last week, I received another Ambassador package encouraging me to share my love of Maker's Mark with others (I think I mention that liquor here once or twice).

Well, yesterday I received a box with two glass tumblers and 12 wax swizzle sticks! It was suppose to be a Christmas present but it was a bit late. I ain't complaining. I washed one out and poured the smoothest bourbon in America over some ice and enjoyed it while playing some poker (up $8 only after coming in 2nd in 2 SnGs). Down side is my bottle is just about empty. I plowed through quite a bit on Saturday.

Thank you Maker's Mark people. You are the best.

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All Things Dave said...

Please give Blantons bourbon a try.

Not enough "O's" in smoooooth to describe it.