Tuesday, January 04, 2005


It wasn't until last night, while playing poker, that it hit me. I wasn't suppose to be working. Jan 3 meant I was unemployed. That might explain why a friend called me around 1 to go out to Hooters. Makes me wonder what it will be like on April 4, my new date for unemployment.

Who's your Daddy? may be the dumbest show on TV this year (easy to say 3 days in). I didn't watch much of it. I forgot it was on but turned on during commercials of Las Vegas. I saw the end when she met her Daddy. I busted out laughing when the first words out of his mouth were "I'm home". WTF? Who wrote that crap??? But it works as they were talking about it this morning. Hey, if they want reality TV, then they should spend a night at the pub with some real characters. Bar, the TV series. Look for my pilot soon.

Ok, which WSJ article is more disturbing? The one about tourists already back on beaches in Thailand as they are cleaning up around them? Or maybe the one about mothers who shares breast milk with one another?

I now see that it is going to snow a bit today. Maybe a couple of inches while at work. But tomorrow there may be accumulation of 4-6 inches over the course of the day. Hmm...sounds like there could be some shoveling and then a trip to the bar to relax after all the work is done. I don't mind the snow. I don't mind the shoveling. I just hate how people drive too slow when the freeway is just wet. The highway people do a great job keeping the roads clean. When will people learn that?

My anal neighbor must have worked for them. We got some snowy ice yesterday and he was up at 5 scraping it away. I know two things from living next to this guy for 10 years. First, if it has snowed overnight, he will be up shoveling. No matter how much snow fell, he will be shoveling. Second, he is better than an alarm clock. He will wake me up with that metal shovel scraping the ground each time. That tells me to go look out the window. I can then decide whether I need to go out there or not. My guess on Wednesday is that I will be out there.

And finally, I now know what the hell my cat does while I am gone during the day. Go check out Czabe's clip for the day. The cat on the right is about the size of mine. How the hell he gets to Japan and back is beyond me.

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Anonymous said...

Just Promise me that when you write your pilot series on the bar that you will not call it "As the Bar Stool Turns",
You should probably have a contest for the best name of the series and for character names. That would keep us all occupied during this after holiday slump