Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I was patient....For a little while at least

About an inch, maybe two, fell on Milwaukee last night. The wind blew is around to make some areas look like they got more. I know this because I did a bit of shoveling this morning. But I was concerned as my "anal neighbor" alarm clock did not go off as I had planned. My clock went off and I thought it was weird that he had been scraping away at the walk between our houses.

So after feeding the cat, I went and looked out the window to see how much snow may have come down. I usually use his clean sidewalk as the measuring stick but again, he hadn't shoveled. That is not like him. I was tempted to go running over to their house and bang on the door, yelling "IS EVERYTHING ALLRIGHT!?!?!?", but they probably would have called the cops or smacked me with the shovel.

I grabbed the shovel as I stepped out the door to go to work. I figured I would give the sidewalk one quick go over so people would trample all the snow down during the day. That is when I noticed that one sidewalk had quite a bit more than the other (I have a corner lot) because of the drifting. What once a quick pushing off the shovel became a small workout. I hadn't intended to clear the entire walk, just the middle. That changed. But I still didn't shovel the small driveway I have. That can wait.

Of course, I thought of the snowblower when I was done. I was happy I had checked it out and started it last month so I knew it would work. Oh wait. That wasn't me. I had the idea but never did it. Shit! That would come in handy for a quick buzz tonight or tomorrow morning. Or at my mother's house. Maybe it isn't too late to go yank the cord a bit tonight- on the snowblower that is!!!! Get you minds out of the gutter.

Which reminds me of one of my favorite jokes......Why was the snowman smiling?? He saw the snowblower coming!!!!

The drive in to work was slow. But I stayed patient. They kept telling people to take it easy, slow down and keep some distance between cars. That is fine when there is snow on the road, but when it is just wet, you don't need to go 35 mph. You can kick it up a notch lady. And you do not need to keep 10 car length distances between each other. I don't care what the so called "experts" say. Hint: You are not an expert if you work for a driving school. You are a teacher who probably gets off on telling students not to drive so fast and not to play with the radio. You probably couldn't get a job driving a bus. But anyways, I stayed patient even though the truck could have gone faster than 45 and snow was blowing off of his truck onto mine. What stunk was that there was always one car in the center lane that prevented me from getting around this truck.

Now, I can't wait for the fun drive home. They will have all day to keep the roads good. There is only an inch or two expected so they can handle that. My bet though is that what usually takes 25 minutes will take 45. I may have to take the ghetto route.

Speaking of bets, I am waiting to hear how everyone cashed in on my big rec last week to take the Packers and the points. Easiest money you will ever get! But did you get any of that sweet action????

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